Bitterlich Treemeter


Quick diameter measurements up to 40 inches! The Bitterlich Treemeter is designed to obtain diameter measurements by sighting only one edge of the tree based on known distances and angles (sector) between the sides. Made of lightweight, dimensionally stable plastic, the Treemeter straps to the back of your hand during use, freeing your hands to record measurements in a notebook or field computer. The easy-to-read 2 part scale provides DBH (upper scale) and trees per acre (English) or hectare (Metric) on the lower scale. This lower scale corresponds to a Relaskop scale of BAF 20 ft2/acre (4m2/ha). For BAF 10, the lower scale must be divided in half. And its easy to use! The Treemeter is positioned with the sighting pin against the right side of a tree. DBH is read directly beneath the sighting pin on the upper scale of the Treemeter. Specifications: Diameter measurement range: 2 to 40 inches (English); 4 to 100 cm (Metric).