ScoutGuard SG565FV, Incandescent Strobe Flash


ScoutGuard SG565FV, Incandescent Strobe Flash Incandescent flash camera produces crisp clear color nighttime pictures; Super long detection and flash range; Long Battery life (up to 3,000 flash pictures on 8 AA Alkaline, 6,000 pic on Lithiums); Wired controller for programing; Super compact, easy to carry and mount; Zero motion blur at night. SG565FV is a little flash (incandescent) camera with an excellent value and one of the best flash cameras on the market. It is programmed by a wired controller. The SG565FV comes with a color display (1.7in LCD) controller which you can view the images in the field. SG565FV Photo Yes (Color Night); Video Yes (Day Time); Display 1.5 Inch (Handheld); Photo/Video Playback Yes (Photo); Photo Resolution 5, 8MP (4:3); Video Resolution VGA; Widescreen Video No; Trigger Speed 1.1s; Video Length up to 60s (Day Time); Quiet Time Up to 60m; Photo Stamp Date/Time; Night Flash Distance 70 feet; LED Number/Type Strobe; SD Card Capacity 32GB; Batteries 4-8AA; Weight 9 oz; Dimension 5.5x 4x 2.5 inches.