MAGENTA BAT4 Bat Detector


MAGENTA BAT 4 BAT DETECTOR: Highly Linear Heterodyne Oscillator for easy frequency setting. Evenly spaced Frequency markings from 15 to 130 kHz. Multi Stage active filters for stable loudspeaker operation over the whole frequency range. Fixed level recorder output socket – before the volume control – simplifies recording. Headphone socket suitable for any stereo headphones from 8 ohms upwards. Short circuit protected headphone output. Wide range equalised microphone – sensitive across the whole frequency range. Low noise circuit techniques optimised for wide bandwidth with minimum noise. Specification: Type : Heterodyne, Frequency Range : 15 - 130kHz, Bandwidth : ± 9kHz, Output power : 0.5 watts, Headphone socket : 3.5mm stereo, Tape Socket : 3.5mm stereo jack, Tape Output : 100mV typical, LED torch : White 5mm LED, Batteries : 4 x AAA, Speaker : Waterproof low profile mylar, Microphone : Wide band electret.