MAGENTA BAT5 Bat Detector


MAGENTA BAT 5 BAT DETECTOR: Highly Linear Heterodyne Oscillator for easy frequency setting. Smooth Even Tuning from 10 to 130 kHz. Large 4 digit Backlit LCD. Display Resolution 100Hz ¬¬ reads 10.0 to 130.0 kHz. Multi Stage active filters for stable loudspeaker operation over the whole frequency range. Fixed level recorder output socket – before the volume control – simplifies recording. Headphone socket suitable for any stereo headphones from 8 ohms upwards. Short circuit protected headphone output. Wide range equalised microphone – sensitive across the whole frequency range. Low noise circuit techniques optimised for wide bandwidth with minimum noise. Specification: Type : Heterodyne, Frequency Range : 10 - 130kHz, Bandwidth : ± 9kHz, Output power : 0.5 watts, Headphone socket : 3.5mm stereo, Tape Socket : 3.5mm stereo jack, Tape Output : 100mV typical, LED torch : White 5mm LED, Batteries : 4 x AAA, Speaker : Waterproof low profile mylar, Microphone : Wide band electret.