Song Meter SM3M Submersible


Song Meter SM3M Submersible:- The most economical dual-purpose marine bioacoustics & ambient noise recorder. Based on the time-tested Song Meter platform, backed by thousands of hours of research and refinement, and improved with input from marine biologists, the new 3rd generation SM3M Submersible is used in oceans all over the globe. Its expansive recording bandwidth of 2hz to ultrasonic frequencies makes it ideal for recording ambient noise levels for baseline characterization and capturing loud noises, including anthropogenic sounds like those from pile drivers and airguns. Even better, recording and noise logging can be done with a single unit during the same deployment, saving you valuable time and money. Program for multiple-role assignments. The SM3M Submersible can be programmed to optimize for different recording objectives on the same hydrophone or two hydrophones using a flexible two-channel input. The recorders configuration utility allows you adjust settings for sample rate, gain, filters, and triggers. Should you need to monitor a variety of sea life in a single deployment, the SM3M Submersible can monitor for multiple species’ acoustics from infrasonic to ultrasonic at the same time or by scheduling different sample rates at different times. Deploy for several weeks or several months. The SM3M Submersible is designed to record ambient, biological and anthropogenic sounds down to 150 meters. Extreme depths typically involve longer-than-usual deployments and so the recorder features adaptive triggering and compression to further extend deployment times. You can deploy for months at a time using a recording schedule or duty cycle with neglible power consumption during sleep mode.