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These are just some of the technical specifications, for more information check the manual of the BATLOGGER RS X.

Field of application bat research
Acoustic signal processing up to 1 MHz, 24-bit
Type of microphone BATLOGGER X Microphone
Number of microphones 8
Sensitivity range 10–150kHz
Trigger function yes
Scheduler yes, adjustable, with sunset/sunrise times
Automatic microphone test yes
Storage Internal hard disk (for approx. 100GByte user data)
Datatransfer BATLOGGER Connect cloud synchronisation
SD/SDHC/SDXC cards (SD 2.0), max. 128 GB, FAT32 formatted
external hard disk via USB port, FAT32 or ext4 formatted
USB stick formatted via USB port, FAT32 or ext4
Display Status LEDs
Interface Webinterface
Connectivity BATLOGGER Connect
Remote monitoring, configuration and data synchronisation
Cellular radio 4G LTE (Europe/APAC or N. America)
Temperature yes
Humidity 0 .. 100% RH relative humidity
± 3% RH (max), 0–80% RH
Air pressure 500 hPa .. 1100 hPa Measuring range absolute air pressure
Calibratable to relative air pressure of the location
Accuracy relative air pressure ±0.5 hPa (-10 .. 50°C)
Size (WxLxD) 374 x 262 x 308 mm
Weight 17.6 kg (with Lead Crystal® Battery) 4.4 kg without battery
Protection class IP64 (except microphone, ext. power supply)
Power supply 24V DC 24W / solar panel 12V 50W
Battery Lead Crystal® Battery (considered normal goods for airfreight and shipping)
Operating time

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Professional bat research

8 synchronised microphones

  • Individual or shared channels
  • Microphone arrays
  • Flight tracking
  • Remote connection with BATLOGGER Connect

Measure what you could not measure before – with 8 synchronised microphones.

The new BATLOGGER RS X8 gives professional bat researchers so many new possibilities.

The BATLOGGER RS X8 can be accessed remotely through BATLOGGER Connect. See the recordings, change the settings, choose new recording times and much more.

We have 20m, 50m or 100m extension cables. Connect them together for cable length of 170m and record with one device at 8 locations. Finally there’s that one device that you can use for all your specialised studies.



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