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These are the specifications of the BATSCANNER STEREO

Field of application Mobile bat detecton
Acoustic signal processing Stereo heterodyne conversion
Type of microphone Electret-condenser
Number of microphones 2
Sensitivity range 15–120kHz
Live monitoring Heterodyne
Trigger function yes
Audio out 3.5mm plug / speaker
Manual peak frequency selection yes
Display 7-Segment LED
Interface Push-buttons
Size (WxLxD) 62 x 120 x 27 mm
Weight 145g
Protection class Not waterproof
Power supply 3x 1,5 V batteries type AAA
Operating time 20-25h

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Experience bat acoustics

  • Ultrasound mixing detector for bat calls
  • Small, portable device to have always with you
  • Adjusts automatically and displays the detected frequency
  • Ideal for groups or excursions
  • Detect bat calls easier than ever. Turn on and listen – that’s all. The ultrasonic sounds are automatically transformed into the audible range. Nothing needs to be adjusted.

    The BATSCANNER STEREO is an easy to use bat detector. It converts the ultrasonic bat calls into an audible frequency with the „mixer“ principle (heterodyne). What makes the BATSCANNER STEREO unique is that the mixing frequency is adjusted and displayed automatically for the detected bat species. Thus, the different bat species can be heard without manual tuning and its main frequency can be seen easily.

Automatic bat detector:

The automatic frequency tuning of the BATSCANNER STEREO offers many advantages:

Immediate display of the main frequency, even with only a brief flyby. This also helps to get a first estimation of the species.

Miss no bat, just because the wrong frequency is tuned.

No tedious search for the optimal setting, which is especially helpful in the dark.

Displays the direction of the sound source (left/right)


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