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Ecotone Ornithological Network 1014/6

Ecotone Ornithological Network 1014/6

Product code: 1014/6

 1000 series ornithological net
Yarn of Japanese production NYLON D110 / 2

The nets made of the 1000 series material are stronger than the 700 series nets, but despite the thicker material they are only slightly more visible. They are also highly effective.
High-quality Japanese material does not lose its deep black color even after 500 days of outdoor exposure. Therefore, networks from this series are recommended especially for long-term research. Thicker material is also safer for birds and easier to handle.

Each network has an individual serial number, which is located on the cap of one of the green ears. This allows you to follow the path of a specific network in the event of, for example, misuse. The serial number is also the basis for the complaint. Keep the label with the number!

The high quality and efficiency of our ornithological nets are the result of over 25 years of experience.

Our networks have been and are constantly tested in various, often difficult conditions.
We have used them in every latitude, from the Arctic to tropical forests and deserts …
ECOTONE nets are made of original high-quality nylon and polyester material from Japan.
For the production of the 2000 series chain, we use high-quality material of Polish production.


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Material: Nylon
Yarn Thickness [Denier]: 110/2
Mesh size [mm]: 14×14
Net length [m]: 6
Net height [m]: 2.5
Number of shelves: 5
Color: Black
Application: very small birds (passerines), bats
Another: from material 1014 we also make nets in non-standard sizes
Guarantee: Nope
Set contains: – ornithological net – bird
bag –
serial number label

(End User Certificate is required to Purchase Mist Net. These can be purchased only by Government Departments for Research purpose)


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