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Spring Scale, LightLine, 10g · d=0.1g, Item No.: 10010

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Spring Scale 10g, division 0.1g, grey Light Line.

Precise, ultra-light and handy Spring Scale with transparent tube and long, clear double display. Patented tare, zero-adjustment and spring suspension technology. Free turning inner tube which neither influences reading nor tare. Tare screw with incremental rotation, to avoid inadvertent adjustment. Corrosion-free components. Always ready for use, needs no batteries. A time-tested original Swiss quality product at an excellent price-performance ratio.

Pesola spring scales, the precise measuring instrument für industry, trade, research, education, office, building access and security, agriculture, hospital supplies and much more.


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Capacity                                              : 10 g

Division                                               : 0.1 g

Color                                                   : grey

Precision                                              : +/- 0.3%

Tare (zero adjustment)                         : 15 – 20%

Standard Suspension                           : Clip

S (Scale length)                                    : 100 mm

L0 (Length without load)                       : 225 mm

Lm (Maximum length)                            : 330 mm

Ø (Diameter)                                         : 12.2 mm

Components                                         : non-corroding (clip only protected)

Measuring position                               : vertical


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