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TurtleSkin Protective Arm Sleeve Plus

Model: SBL-DG2 PM Sleeve Plus – XL

Make: TurtleSkin – Warwick Mills, USA

TurtleSkin arm sleeves deliver superior cut and puncture protection for your wrist, back of the hand, and forearm

Two Layers of Protection
TurtleSkin Sleeve and TurtleSkin Sleeve Plus are constructed of two layers of TurtleSkin puncture- and cut-resistant materials.

The inner layer of the protective sleeve is a medium-weight TurtleSkin aramid material that is soft on the skin but also extremely tough on needles and sharp edges.

The outer layer is a coated TurtleSkin material that is tough enough for the harshest environments. This combination results in a rugged sleeve that protects your arm against punctures, cuts, and needles while remaining soft, flexible, and comfortable.

Ideal for Many Uses
Protective applications include waste handling, glass handling, animal handling, metalworking, plywood and veneer handling, pulp/paper handling, and food processing.(Environmental conditions, varying procedures, and outside forces make it difficult to offer specific application recommendations. Those above are some of the applications where TurtleSkin Sleeves have effectively been used. Protection levels do not replace the need to exercise caution at all times.)

Tests Prove Superior Cut and Puncture Resistance
The TurtleSkin protective sleeves were tested to verify cut and puncture performance. The cut and puncture tests were performed using TurtleSkin, aramid knit, and cowhide leather.

Ten Times More Cut Resistant than Leather
The cut test measured how many pounds of force it took to cut each material with a No. 10 surgical steel blade. The results show that it took 7.4 pounds of force to cut the TurtleSkin System, 1.5 pounds of force to cut the aramid knit, and 0.7 pounds of force to cut the cowhide leather. The TurtleSkin System is more than four times more cut resistant than an aramid knit and ten times more cut resistant than cowhide leather.

Excellent Needle Protection
The puncture test measured how many pounds of force it took to puncture each material with a 0.05-in. solid steel needle. The results show that it took 7.3 pounds of force to puncture the TurtleSkin System, 0.6 pounds of force to puncture the cowhide leather, and 0.03 pounds of force to puncture the aramid knit.

Best Protection Available
The TurtleSkin System is more than two-hundred times more puncture resistant than the aramid knit and twelve times more puncture resistant than cowhide leather.


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Cut and Puncture Resistant Sleeves

TurtleSkin Sleeves made with PalmMaster provide excellent cut and puncture protection. The Sleeves provide advanced puncture protection against threats such as hypodermic needles, glass shards, splinters, and nails. The ceramic coated outer shell of the Sleeves provides excellent abrasion and durability. Made from high performance woven textiles these Sleeves are lightweight and are a comfortable PPE solution. Consider these for applications for animal handling, waste management, and hospital laundry.


  • Fully adjustable
  • Comfortable & lightweight
  • Ceramic Coating for Wear & Tear
  • Full forearm & wrist protection
  • Advanced abrasion protection
  • Can withstand over 500 grams of force from 28 gauge needle
  • Machine washable


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