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Well Sounder 2010 PRO

Eno Scientific Well Sounder 2010 PRO

A highly accurate instrument designed for measuring static water level in wells, piezometers, or boreholes. This portable handheld unit uses sound waves to measure the distance from the top of the well to the water level, eliminating the need to lower anything into the well. Unlike standard water level tapes, these acoustic meters are free from well contamination issues, and there is no clean up and nothing to get stuck in the well. Simply place the probe into a well cap opening and turn the unit on. Within seconds, the unit will display the static water level measurement. Will work on crooked, straight, or coiled pipes with up to a 90% blockage. Requires no external equipment for configuration settings and is capable of logging, storing, and downloading 25 million time/date stamped data points. Key features include immediate data capture, auto temperature compensation, calculation of drawdown and recovery rates, real-time clock/calendar to time stamp the log data, USB download, plus it is weather-resistant.


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Measurement: Range, 9 to 2,000 feet; Resolution, 0.05 ft. Accuracy – 0.1 ft. Logging: Memory, nonvolatile flash memory for 25 million time/date stamped data points in addition to calibration and user data. Logging rates, 1 sec to 60 minutes per sample. Environmental: Temperature, 0°F to 110°F. Humidity, 10 to 90% non-condensing. Display: 2 x 16 character LCD. Alarms: high and low 10 to 2,000 ft. Output: USB or serial. Serial Output: baud 300 – 57600, 8 data bits, one stop bit. (19200 baud default). Power: External Power, 6.5 to 12VDC at 50ma. Internal Power, 6 AA alkaline batteries provide continuous use for approx. 80 hours or up to 21 days in power save mode. Real time clock, Li Ion 3V battery CR2032.


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