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Wildtronics All Purpose Parabolic Kit

Wildtronics All Purpose Parabolic Kit

The lowest cost, professional parabolic kit available anywhere.

Above photo shown with our optional clear polycarbonate dish for illustration. The Black Ops Parabolic Dish comes standard. Also shown is the optional Secondary Windscreen Frame kit.

The Wildtronics All Purpose Parabolic meets the expectations of professionals and is the most affordable, high quality parabolic system available. The All Purpose series will exceed the performance, features, and versatility of any similar design, other than the Wildtronics Professional Parabolic Microphones, which use non-conventional construction.

  • Lowest priced, high quality, full size parabolic microphone system available anywhere. Despite the low price, the All Purpose line is quality made, fully featured, with exceptional performance.
  • Modular system allows you to use almost any existing microphone, even stereo microphones, pointing toward or away from the dish using common cables. You can also use one of the high performance Wildtronics microphones, the Micro-Mic PIP, Micro Mic XLR, Amplified Omni, or Mini Stereo PIP Microphones, by simply plugging them in at anytime.
  • Lightweight design. Weight with the Black Ops dish is 2lb 1oz. Weight using the Feather Light dish is only 1lb 12oz. The weight will vary slightly depending on the dish and configuration.
  • Your choice of large 22-inch parabolic dishes. A large dish greatly increases the gain and low frequency response. The standard 0.060 ABS Black Ops dish is paintable. Two optional clear polycarbonate dishes are available, the 0.060, or the Feather Light 0.030 rolling dish. These are the same high performance, truly parabolic dishes used in our Professional models. All of our dishes are rated for storage in vehicles during hot weather, unlike competing units.
  • Exclusive Focus Gauge system allows you to obtain perfect microphone focus every time for any microphone configuration.
  • Quality handle uses an all metal clamp, has a silent, comfort foam grip, a hand rest, and a carrying strap provision. Plus, it has metal 1/4-20 threads in the base for solid tripod mounting.
  • Large dish clamping plate securely and silently clamps the parabolic dish, using foam to dampen dish resonance. This mounting method also improves the shape retention of our thin, Feather Light dish for best results.
  • Now allows use of our Mini-Accessory Bar or Pro Cable Clamp. Just above the hand grip is a threaded block that allows mounting our Mini-Accessory Bar or Pro Cable Clamp.
  • Allows use of the optional Secondary Windscreen Frame Kit, so you can use our Secondary Windscreen accessory that extends use in winds up to 20MPH. The windscreen will not block your view when using a clear dish. The frame can also be used to attach microphones using the included Shock Mount Kit.
  • No special cables needed. We won’t trap you into buying expensive special cables to use our products. You can use commonly available microphone cables, which are easily routed through the Mic Tube.
  • Assembles and disassembles quickly and easily to just a few major parts without tools. This makes the microphone very portable.

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The All Purpose Parabolic Microphone includes everything you need to securely mount almost any existing microphone, even some stereo microphones, pointing either towards or away from the dish. Most microphones will fit into the All Purpose Kit, as long as they are 18-26mm in diameter, and 50-188mm (best if under 155mm) in length. Adapter sleeves are included to fit the above diameter range. If you don’t have a high quality microphone, our high value, Performance Series Microphones, the Amplified Omni, Micro Mic XLR, Micro Mic PIP, and Stereo PIP are all low noise and exclusively designed for use in the All Purpose line. Our exclusive Focus Gauge system allows you to quickly obtain exact focus with either microphone configuration. The exact focus is conveniently marked on the Mic Tube for easy, repeatable calibration or any amount of de-focus. Routing passages are also provided for either configuration, using your standard mic cable. The handle is lightweight, comfortable, durable, and has low handling noise. Metal ¼ -20 threads are built right into the handle base for solid tripod mounting. The All Purpose Parabolic Microphone uses the same high quality parabolic dishes as our Professional line, with a choice of the paintable ABS Black Ops dish, or the optional 0.060 or 0.030 inch thick clear polycarbonate dishes. The dish is easily removed or securely installed with a large resilient clamp, like our Professional models. An optional, removable Secondary Windscreen Frame Kit is available, which can also alternatively mount a microphone with the elastic Shock Mount Kit, which is included with the Secondary Windscreen Frame Kit accessory. The Secondary Windscreen, included with the Secondary Windscreen Frame Kit accessory, allows you to record in winds up to 20MPH. All critical components are machined from high strength, high temperature nylon and ABS plastic for a lifetime of use and abuse, not the cheap PVC parts other similar products are using.


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