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The most advanced and multifunctional of our GPS loggers for year-round precise tracking. GPS-UHF module allows you to collect many more fixes than with GSM. From 2016, each device is equipped with xyz acceleration recording in 1, 5, or 10 Hz bursts.

Housing: backpack, aerodynamic, rounded edges, strong, and waterproof

Independently programmable GPS-GSM and GPS-UHF modules

Data access and programming via GSM network or long-range (LRD) UHF link

GPS-GSM data: GPS position, activity, temperature; optionally: altitude, speed, xyz acceleration, light intensity

GPS-UHF data: GPS position, speed altitude, temperature; optionally: xyz acceleration in 1, 5, or 10 Hz bursts

Long-life battery and highly efficient solar charger

Data access and settings: Web profile and UHF base station

Optional: VHF beacon


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Name Specifications
Skua L Dimensions: 58x27x18 mm; weight: from 18 grams
Skua M Dimensions: 58x27x24 mm; weight: from 19 grams
Skua H Dimensions: 58x27x28; weight: from 20 grams
Skua H LF Dimensions: 79x36x36; weight: from 30 grams
Skua Ear Tag/Wing Tag Dimensions: 58x27x18; weight: from 23 grams
Ibis GPS-GSM-UHF necklace Diameter: 35-60 mm; weight: from ~30 grams

(For tracking geese, ibises, swans, etc. Fast and easy closing system without screws and tools)


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